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March 2017
We were referred to Jim by another realtor we knew out of state and we feel very lucky to have been matched with him, especially because this was my first home buying experience and he brought such ease to the entire process. My husband is a Army veteran, so we decided we wanted to take advantage of the VA loan. We first looked at a townhouse development in which we could start from scratch and build the house to our personal preferences. We were so excited to make it exactly like we wanted it. We went to the design center and picked out all of our favorite options and then waited patiently for the building to begin. In the meantime, Jim knew that we wanted to build our own deck, so he took the initiative and ordered samples of the woods that I wanted to look at. I was shocked that he was going so far above his duties as a realtor to help us make the perfect home. Unfortunately, once the foundation and the walls were going up, a bomb was dropped on us. The builder came back to us and said that our house was only going to appraise for $30,000 less than what we agreed to in the contract and that the VA would most likely not approve the loan. We were so upset and let down on how far we had come to owning our first home but Jim took care of EVERYTHING and made the process as painless as possible to help us get out of that contract, even making sure that the company did not keep our $38,000 that we put down as a down payment at the design center (which they did try to do). So back to square one we went looking at the next set of homes. I was reluctant to “fall in love” again with another home in fears that another bomb would drop and be disappointed again, but Jim never put any pressure on us to make a quick decision. He stood by us for months as we decided on a place to call home and we are forever grateful. The paperwork throughout the process was all online, making it so much easier in our extremely hectic schedules. Even when we went on a week vacation and had only the use of our cell phones’ email, he converted documents into a format that we could sign. Some real estate agents try to force you into purchasing something just so they can make their commission, like a car salesman, but Jim NEVER did that. He let us go at our own pace and comfort level; like a friend who is looking out for your well-being and your ultimate satisfaction. We are so glad that we were paired up with him because he will definitely be our realtor for life!!!
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